L-806 & L-807 Wind Cone Light Kits

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L-806 & L-807 Wind Cone Light Kits


The L-806 and L-807 Wind Cone Light Kits illuminate the surface of the wind cone sock. Internal lighting gives superior nighttime visibility over conventional external lighting.


• Available for Size 1 (18″) and Size 2 (36″) baskets.
• Available in 120 VAC, 12 VDC, or 6.6 amp.
• Designed to fit all major manufacturer’s wind cones.
• Simple installation: the light assembly attaches to the basket with 2 clamps, and the electrical feed assembly attaches to the top of the pole.
• The LED models feature:
– 50,000 to 100,000 hour lamp life, virtually maintenance-free.
– Independent lamp circuits, for improved reliability.
– 6 to 60 VA power consumption, only 5-20% of a typical non-LED external light.
– Long-life LED obstruction light.
• The internally-lighted halogen models have two 100 watt lamps on Size 1, four 100 watt lamps on Size 2, 2,000 hour typical lamp life.
• Includes a single L-810 obstruction light.
• Also available in externally-lighted models.
• Manufactured in the USA.

Ordering Codes

Part NumberDescriptionLamp TypePower SourceTotal VA
8700-009036 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED6.6 amp95 VA
8700-0091*18 inch, External, Single L-810LED120 VAC15 VA
8700-0092*18 inch, External, Single L-810LED12 VDC6 VA
8700-0093*18 inch, External, Single L-810LED6.6 amp58 VA
8700-0094*36 inch External, Single L-810LED120 VAC22 VA
8700-0095*36 inch External, Single L-810LED12 VDC10 VA
8700-0096*36 inch External, Single L-810LED6.6 amp58 VA
8700-009818 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED6.6 amp72 VA
8700-009918 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED120 VAC32 VA
8700-010036 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED120 VAC60 VA
8700-0000-136 inch, Internal, Single L-810Halogen120 VAC516 VA
8700-001518 inch, Internal, Single L-810Halogen120 VAC316 VA
8700-0025*18 or 36 inch, External, Single L-810Halogen120 VAC191 VA
8700-010118 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED12 VDC6 VA
8700-010236 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED12 VDC10 VA
8700-010518 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED230 VAC40 VA
8700-010636 inch, Internal, Single L-810LED230 VAC76 VA
* Note: External Kits only fit WCH Series wind cones.

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