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Helipad Lighting Installations

About Flight Light

Heliport and Helipad Lighting

Flight Light offers a wide range of heliport and helipad lighting systems. From portable/temporary helipad lights, to complete packages, to NVG-friendly LED, and solar – we’ve got you covered.

All of our heliport lighting solutions and helipad lights are designed to meet or exceed the highest standards set forth by the FAA and ICAO.

Helipad/Heliport Lighting Solutions from Flight Light

• Flush Mount Helipad Perimeter Lights
• Elevated Helipad Perimeter/Edge Lights
• Helipad Surface Floodlights
• Helipad Wind Cones
• Heliport Approach Path Indicators (CHAPI)
• Solar Helipad Light Fixtures
• Portable/Temporary Helipad Lights
• Heliport Rotating Beacons
• Helipad Lighting System Packages

Custom Heliport Lighting Packages

Easy to install, low maintenance, and highly efficient – we offer system packages designed for outstanding performance. We can help you customize a heliport lighting package for your specific situation.

Portable/Temporary Helipad Lighting

We also supply portable helipad lighting system packages used to setup temporary landing zones or temporary helipads. Common applications include police, HEMS/medevac, remote mining and construction sites, industrial, and military operations.

Solar, LED, NVG Compatible Landing Lights

LED helipad lights, solar heliport lighting, and night vision compatible (NVG) fixtures are our specialty. Flight Light’s night vision (NVG) compatible heliport perimeter lights are designed for low-light conditions, nighttime flying and tactical operations and deliver the kind of proven reliability those applications require.

Find solar powered heliport and helipad lighting solutions, lamps, replacement parts, and spare fixtures in our online heliport lighting store.

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