HL-690L LED Stainless Steel Helideck/Helipad Semi-Flush Perimeter Inset Light

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• FAA AC 150/5390-2D Heliport Design Guide
• Exceeds FAA AC 150/5390-2D Appendix G Specifications
• ICAO Annex 14, Volume II for TLOF and FATO
• Transport Canada TP14371, AGA 7.16
• IP68 Ingress Protection
• IK10 Impact Protection
• CE and RoHS Certified


Semi-flush perimeter light helps mark helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) and/or final approach and takeoff area (FATO) for metal helidecks and pavement heliports.


• Robust stainless steel construction provides corrosion protection from salt, chemicals, and weather exposure
• IP68 water and dust resistant
• Sealed LED/electronics maximizes LED life
• Snowplow-safe design prevents lens damage
• Lens made from durable, UV-stabilized LEXAN polycarbonate
• Recessed, semi-flush mounted, allows for obstruction-free movement of equipment and personnel
• Rises only 0.6″ (15 mm) above surface
• High static load rating (44,000 lb.) reduces likelihood of damage from helicopters
• 360° high intensity, omnidirectional lighting coverage
• With our Dimming Controller option, the lights can be dimmed at night to reduce glare – 3 brightness levels
• Available for FAA (Green) or ICAO (White)
• Cost-saving, energy-efficient LEDs; 50,000 hour LED lifetime
• 850nm infrared LEDs optional
• AC or DC power supply options

Ordering Codes

Fixture LED Color Power Cable Layout Options
HL-690L G: Green[1]
B: Blue
R: Red
W: White
Y: Yellow
IR: Infrared[2]
AC: 100-240VAC
AC3: 277VAC
DC: 10-30VDC
DCD: 10-30VDC Dimming
G1C: 1 Gland with Cable
G2C: 2 Glands with Cable[3]
G2NC: 2 Glands with No Cable[4]
NB: No Base[5]
[1] Green is currently the recommended color for heliport perimeter lights.
[2] Infrared must be used in conjunction with visible LEDs. Infrared does not dim with the “DCD” dimming
[3] G2C Layout will not support dimming option. Specify cable size so we can quote correct secondary connector.
[4] G2NC Layout: Customer must supply water resistant cable. Cable connections are made inside the fixture.
[5] The fixture will not be mounted to a base can. Please note, the FAA recommends base cans for heliport installations.


• Voltage Range: 10-32 VDC or 85-305 VAC
• Power Consumption: DC Input = 14W; IR DC Input = 15W; AC Input = 27W; IR AC Input = 29W
• Requires water resistant UL Cable, OD = 0.24″ – 0.47″ (6-12mm). Recommended AWG (varies by application): 16-3/C SOOW 600V 90C.
• Temperature Range: -13°F/+185°F (-25°C/+85°C)
• LED Quantity: 6 LEDs (Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow); optional 3 LEDs (Infrared)
• Infrared Wavelength: 850nm, Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Compatible
• Top Material: Hard duplex stainless steel alloy with high corrosion resistance and hardness
• Bottom Material: Gray painted aluminum AlSi12
• Light Output: Polycarbonate window
• Rising Above Surface: 0.6″ (15 mm)
• Static Load: Holds 1,000 PSI
• High Static Load Rating: 44,000 lb. min
• Weight: 11.2 lb. (5.1 kg)
• Diameter: 8.6″ (219 mm)
• Bolt Circle: 7.25″ (184 mm)
• Protection Index: IP68, IK10

Common Replacement Parts

Ref. Description Part #
1 Top Casting Stainless Steel HL-690L-TOP
2 AC Light Module HL-690/2L-XAC*
DC Light Module HL-690/2L-XDC*
DCD Light Module HL-690/2L-XDCD*
AC+IR Light Module HL-690/2L-XIRAC*
DC+IR Light Module HL-690/2L-XIRDC*
DCD+IR Light Module (infrared does not dim) HL-690/2L-XIRDCD*
3 O-Ring HL-690/2L-ORING
4 Bottom Casting HL-690/2L-BOTTOM
5 2-Pin Male Connector TRC-10518-114D02
6 3-Pin Male Connector (DCD Dimming only) 80-013031
7 2-Conductor Female Connector TRC-10519-07-021
8 3-Conductor Female Connector (DCD Dimming only) 80-012022
9 Installation Accessories for Non-base Installation (2 per fixture) HL-690/2-IA
For light modules, X = Color (G = Green, B = Blue, R = Red, W = White, Y = Yellow)

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