HL-600 LED Heliport Taxiway Centerline Inset Light


Inset green lights are used to define heliport taxiway centerlines. Taxiways allow for the movement of helicopters from one part of a landing facility to another.

Ordering Codes

Fixture Color: A Side Color: B Side Lamps
HL-600 G: Green (std)
W: White
R: Red
Y: Yellow
X: Blank
G: Green (std)
W: White
R: Red
Y: Yellow
X: Blank
L: 12V LED Array
LP: 120V/240V LED 50/60hz
1. Green is currently the recommended output color for heliport taxiway centerline lights.
2. Standard fixture operating voltage is 12 VDC. Fixtures may also be operated from 24 VDC in certain applications.
3. Base Cans (BA-725-5-2), Base Can Extensions (BA-725-EX-XX), Spacers (BA-725-SP-XX) and Gaskets (BA-725-GSK) are available for the HL-600 fixture.
4. Power consumption is 2.5 watts per cartridge.
5. Female Connector (CO-1051903021) is available for power source hook-up. Bi-directional fixture requires two female connectors, uni-directional fixture requires one female connector.


• Body casting manufactured from aluminum alloy for lightness, strength and durability
• Corrosion resistant anodized finish
• Fully-flush profile and high static load rating (44,000 lb.) reduces likelihood of damage from helicopters
• Available in 12-24 VDC or 120 VAC versions
• High-bright LEDs consume only 2.5 watts per cartridge (5 watts per fixture)
• Self-cleaning lens design reduces build-up of dirt and need for frequent cleaning
• Pre-focused optics eliminates the requirement of field adjustments
• Long life LEDs (average rated life of 10 years) reduces frequency of replacement
• Factory sealed optical cartridge design reduces field maintenance issues
• A window blank is available for unidirectional applications


• Construction: aluminum body casting with corrosion resistant anodized finish and stainless steel mounting hardware
• Rising Above Surface: Fully-flush with surface
• Static Load: 44,000 lb. without sustaining permanent deformation or cracking of materials
• Diameter: 8″ (203 mm)
• Bolt Circle: 7.25″ (184 mm)
• Temperature: Leads, gaskets, etc. rated to withstand 300°F
• LED/Light Cartridge: Each lens molded of high performance optical grade glass and formed in a removable factory sealed optical cartridge. Two cartridges required per fixture. Each cartridge consumes 2.5 watts per cartridge (5 watts per fixture) during the activation period of the fixture.

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