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How to Buy High Quality Heliport Inset Lights Online

Buying Heliport Lights Online.

When you need high quality heliport lighting equipment – think Flight Light Inc.

We offer high grade UL listed heliport inset lights made in an ISO:9001 certified manufacturing facility.

Best of all,  you can buy heliport lighting online in the Flight Light webstore.

High Quality Heliport Inset Lighting.

Flight Light offers 3 types of UL-listed heliport lights.

The key benefit of purchasing products with UL backing is knowing you can trust the equipment. Simply couple the fixtures with the specified lamps in order to keep fully compliant.

Flight Light offer 3 UL Listed fixtures for heliports –

UL Listed Heliport Perimeter Inset Light.

HL-292 heliport inset light
HL-292 Heliport Inset Light

This product (formerly HL-ZA292A) is used to replace elevated helipad perimeter lights in situations where they could be knocked down by aircraft or maintenance vehicles.

This versatile fixture has an extremely low profile (10mm/.39″).

The fixture has been tested to 1,000 PSI and has a corrosion resistant anodized finish.

For more information: HL-292: Heliport Perimeter Inset Light (LP lamp)


UL Listed Heliport Semi-Flush Perimeter Inset Light (8″/20.23cm).

HL-392 heliport inset light
HL-392 Heliport Inset Light

This semi-flush perimeter light marks helipad touchdown and lift-off areas and/or final approach and take-off areas. It’s intended for use in-pavement at heliports.

The recessed, semi-flush mounted fixture design allows for obstruction-free movement of equipment on the helipad.

It comes treated with a corrosion resistant finish and features a moisture-proof light cavity for durability and reliability in marine environments.

Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance and the fixture exceeds the FAA engineering specifications.

For more information: HL-392: Heliport 8″ (20.32cm) Semi-Flush Perimeter Inset Light (LP Lamp)


UL Listed Heliport Perimeter Inset Light (6″/15.24cm).

HL-492 heliport inset light
HL-492 Heliport Inset Light

This is the same type of light as the HL-392 with a smaller diameter.

This fixture fastens with 4 bolts and has a corrosion resistant hard anodized finish. It has a sealed bottom cover to prevent moisture intrusion, and is intended to fasten to a metal helideck.

Our cost-saving, energy-efficient LEDs are a low maintenance light source tested to have a 50,000 hour lifetime (50x longer than halogen).

For more information: HL-492L: 6″ (15.24 cm) Helideck Semi-Flush Perimeter Inset Light (AC Lamp)