Portable Heliport Lighting System HL-PHLS


The Flight Light Inc. Portable Heliport Lighting System (HL-PHLS) provides perimeter lighting for semi-permanent, temporary or emergency helipad touchdown and lift-off zones (TLOF).

Portable Heliport Lighting System HL-PHLS package 1

PHLS Package 1: Solar LED

Package 1 features solar powered AV70 or OL4 lights. These green, omni-directional, LED, elevated lights are completely self-contained and can be installed in minutes and require minimal maintenance.

This package also includes a Solar Series portable internally lighted wind cone. Being 100% solar powered, installation is incredibly fast – no need for trenching, cabling, or electrical services. A long life, low power LED floodlight and patented maintenance-free swivel help reduce airfield down time. The Solar Series wind cone includes a portable all-aluminum tripod that can be set up quickly. ICAO compliant.

• No trenching required, easily deployed.
• 100% solar powered, integrated solar/battery.
• Long life, low maintenance.
• Automatic night activation.
• ICAO compliant.

[8] AV70 Solar Aviation Lights (green) or OL4 Solar Warning Light (green) with Ground Stake Mounts
[1] Solar Series Portable Wind Cone: Size 1 (18″ diameter x 6′ long) wind sock, solar LED AV70 or OL4 red obstruction light

PHLS Package 2 - LED

PHLS Package 2: LED

Package 2 includes LED heliport perimeter lights. Long life, low power LEDs use 95% less energy and last up to 20 times longer than equivalent incandescent lights. This weather/corrosion resistant fixture comes with a 5 year warranty.

• Long life, low maintenance.
• 5-watts power consumption.
• 120, 240 VAC or 12, 24 VDC.
• ICAO compliant.

[8] LED Heliport Perimeter Lights (green)
Note: Customer to provide power cables and generator/battery.

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