LED Surface Floodlight with LED Perimeter Light Model 700 LED Series

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Exceeds requirements of:
• FAA AC150/5390-2B
• ICAO Annex 14, Volume II


Our LED floodlamps are designed to last at least 50,000 hours which reduces maintenance. Savings on maintenance will be approximately $238 per year which includes bulbs and labor. The floodlight only consumes 60Wh, which reduces the power consumption by a factor of five. In two years, the electrical bill can be reduced by $240 (will vary depending on usage and actual cost per kWh).

Our LED perimeter lamp is designed to last 100,000 hours which reduces maintenance. It consumes 2.2Wh which reduces the power consumption. The aqua green color of the lamp does not affect flying with night vision goggles. (NVG compatibles)

With our surface floodlights, the pilot will see a lighted stage when beginning his descent from about 4,000 feet away. The pilot will actually see the center of the pad, not just a dim green outline that he would get if only perimeter lights were used. Perimeter lights are only marginally visible at that distance.

Our surface floodlights provide reflected light for added visibility. The surface floodlight is specially designed for helicopter landings and reflects the surface, whether it is plain concrete or painted with reflectorized paint. Perimeter lights alone do not reflect the surface of the pad.

There are two high intensity LED floodlights, each having a very wide horizontal and very narrow vertical beam spread, that are adjacently mounted in one fixture so that their combined beams are projected over a 75° broad path across the surface of the heliport. To provide uniform lighting for landing and loading activities, our floodlights are installed equally spaced around the heliport, slightly above the surface level.

Our dimmable floodlights provide uniform lighting without glare. The low vertical beam, combined with a new cover extension design, and a brightness control knob, prevents blinding of the pilot and crew. The LED lamps cannot be seen, even when standing in the center of the pad (proper aiming of the floodlights is necessary).

Our surface floodlight not only illuminates the center of the pad, but it also has an omnidirectional green LED perimeter light to outline the pad. This eliminates the cost of a separate perimeter light fixture. A stainless steel wire guard protects the perimeter lens from damage.

Our floodlights can be inexpensively wired, with all the lights in one circuit, making it possible to add or subtract floodlights where indicated for the utmost in flexibility. Input voltage may be 90 to 300 VAC, 50-60Hz


• Floodlights: LED life rated up to 50,000 hours, 60Wh power consumption.
• Surface floodlight provides uniform lighting without glare.
• Floodlight dimming: Brightness control knob allows the floodlight to be dimmed (8-steps).
• Double duty fixture – floodlight with built-in omnidirectional green perimeter light.
• Perimeter light: LED life rated up to 100,000 hours, 2.2Wh power consumption.


• Case: Heavy Cast Aluminum
• Lamps: LED Floodlamps ~ 60 Watts, LED Perimeter Lamp ~ 2.2 Watts
• Lens Guard: Stainless Steel
• Voltage: 90-300 VAC, 50-60Hz
• Dimensions: Height 13″, Width 19″, Length 19″
• Weight: 35 lb. (extra cover 7 lb.)
• Finish: Polyester Powder Coating, Orange

Heliports within the U.S.:

Care should be taken to place floodlights clear of the TLOF, the FATO, the safety area, the approach/departure surfaces, and any required transitional surfaces.

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