L-853 Airport/Heliport Retroreflective Markers | AR-100

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Compliance and Applications

ETL Certified FAA L-853 for airports

This low-cost marker uses no power, requires little or no maintenance, and takes less than five minutes to assemble and install. Most importantly, it is highly visible to ground crews and pilots, both day and night. The AR-100 was designed to cost less, work better, and last longer than any other marker.

Constructed of rugged enameled aluminum, the AR-100 uses over 200 square inches of 3M reflective sheeting, over twice the FAA 96 square inch requirement. The cylinder size and shape reflects more light, allowing the markers to be seen at great distances in darkness and low visibility weather conditions. Our markers have been used in remote areas instead of lights, and can be added as a backup system in case of blackouts. Our reflective cylinders can be used to cover lights when repairs are being done, so the landing zone can still be utilized.


• Dimensions: 5-1/4″ diameter x 12″ high (pre-rolled and ready to assemble)
• Material: Enameled aluminum
• Sheeting: 200 square inches of 3M reflective sheeting
• Included Hardware:
– 7/8″ aluminum tube and insert plugs/caps
– Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers
– Flange bushing
• Mounting Height: Aluminum tube can be cut any length (12″ to 30″ above ground).


• Fast and easy installation using the optional IT-100 (Installation Tool).
• Over 200 square inches of 3M sheeting on each marker (over twice the FAA minimum requirement of 96 square inches).
• Pilot safety: Markers can be seen in low visibility weather conditions.
• Markers can be used in remote areas instead of lights, and can be added to the landing zone as a backup system in case of blackouts.
• Aluminum markers can go from extreme hot to extreme cold temperatures.
• Markers can be purchased flat or rolled into cylinders, for installing in numerous ways and on various surfaces.
• Cylinders can be used to cover lights during maintenance, allowing the landing zone to remain operational.
• Sturdy markers weathervane to withstand high winds and jet wash (tested in the Boeing wind tunnel up to 300 mph).
• Markers have lasted over 30 years after installation.
• Markers will not attract wildlife.

Part Numbers

76-AR100-Color: Retroreflective Marker (Green “G”, Green/Red “GR”, Blue “B”, Red “R”, White “W”)
76-IT100: Installation Tool
76-GP100: Galvanized base pipe (14″ x 1″ I.D.)

Assembly Installation Instructions

Assembly and Installation Instructions

Using 3 each stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers, attach the cylinder to the aluminum tube by lining up the 3 pre-drilled holes on aluminum tube to the pre-punched holes on the cylinder.

The base pipe is easily installed using the IT-100 Installation Tool. Most surfaces can be easily penetrated using the IT-100 in a jackhammer. Simply insert the tool in the base pipe and drive them both into the ground at the same time. Remove the installation tool and place the assembled illuminator and bushing.

There will be 1 to 2 fully assembled reflectors in every box to use as a visual aid or field guide. Reflectors are shipped 25 per box with 2 fully assembled and 23 unassembled.

IT-100 Installation Tool

IT-100 Installation Tool

• Designed for use with jack hammer.
• Be sure driving shaft is clean before driving each base pipe.
• Shaft is 1″ diameter tool steel.


• Insert IT-100 into a jack hammer. Slide the GP-100 (14″ x 1″ I.D. galvanized base pipe) over the installation tool.
• Drive the GP-100 (galvanized base pipe) into the ground, leaving 1 to 2 inches above the ground level. Lift the IT-100 out of the ground, place another galvanized base pipe over shaft and continue installation.

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