HL-860FL LED Heliport Perimeter Light & Floodlight (HPLF)

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The HPLF is a combination of our LED heliport perimeter light and an LED floodlight intended to “wash” the pad with light.

The perimeter light is mounted on a powder coat painted cast aluminum housing secured by a stainless steel clamp band. The fixture body finish is aviation yellow. The HPLF mounts to a standard breakable coupling. The overall height is 16.25″.

Our heliport perimeter lights provide an LED based solution to the ICAO touchdown and lift-off area perimeter style of steady-burning lights. The lights are currently available with green, blue, red, clear, yellow or infrared LEDs operating at 100-277 VAC, 12-48 VDC, or 10-30 VDC (dimming).

Ordering Codes

Fixture Power Perimeter Output Fixture Options
HL-860FL AC: 100-277 VAC
DC: 12-48 VDC
DCD: 10-30 VDC Dimming[1]
G: Green (std)[2]
B: Blue
R: Red
C: Clear
Y: Yellow
IR: Infrared[3]
1: 1.5″ Frangible Coupling (FL-FC1.5)
2: 2″ Frangible Coupling (FL-FC2.0)
[1] Only perimeter light dims, floodlight does not dim.
[2] Green is currently the recommended color for heliport perimeter lights.
[3] Infrared must be used in conjunction with visible LEDs. Infrared does not dim with the “DCD” dimming option.

Spare Parts

Part # Description
HL-860LED-X-AC 100-277 VAC LED Replacement Light Head
HL-860LEDIR-X-AC 100-277 VAC LED NV Infrared Replacement Light Head
HL-860LED-X-DC 12-48 VDC LED Replacement Light Head
HL-860LEDIR-X-DC 12-48 VDC LED NV Infrared Replacement Light Head
LA-FF18RMA Black Replacement Knuckle Mount
X = Output color

LED Perimeter Light Features

• LED life rated up to 70,000 hours
• 95% less power than an equivalent incandescent light
• 2.4 – 4 watts power consumption
• Available with green, blue, red, clear, yellow or infrared LEDs
• 3-Step Dimming Controller to minimize nighttime glare available
• Weather/corrosion resistant
• IP67 Compliant
• Self contained wiring compartment eliminates additional boxes
• Resistant to shock and vibration
• Direct replacement for existing incandescent lighting
• Compliant to: ICAO Annex 14, Vol II, 1999
• Exceeds FAA AC 150/5390-2D Appendix G Specifications
• 5 year warranty

LED Perimeter Light Visible/Infrared LED Option

Common LED lights can pose a hazard to pilots using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). This is due to the fact that NVGs typically use filters to block cockpit lighting from saturating the imaging system. This has the unintended effect of making LED lights invisible to pilots. In response, we have incorporated NVG friendly technology into our perimeter light, giving pilots using night vision goggles unmatched visibility of the helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF).

LED Perimeter Light Dimming Option

With the dimming option, the perimeter lights can be dimmed at night to reduce glare (floodlight does not dim). Three brightness levels can be selected. The dimming option is only available with a Flight Light 3-Step Dimming Controller.

LED Floodlight Features

• Multi-chip 18 watt, high-output, long-life LEDs
• UL Listed: Suitable for wet locations – mounting within 4′ (1.2M) of the ground (AC model only)
• IP66 Compliant
• Floodlight hood eliminates glare to pilots
• Bronze chip and fade resistant polyester powder coat finish
• Precision die-cast aluminum housing, lens frame and mounting arm
• Heavy-duty mounting arm with O-ring seal and stainless steel screw
• Heatsink: Die-cast aluminum LED housing designed for maximum heat dissipation
• Semi-specular anodized aluminum reflector
• Metal guard to protect the lens
• High-temperature silicone gaskets
• Green Technology: Mercury, UV free, no VOCs used for finishing materials

DC Model Floodlight

• Low voltage DC for added safety
• Ideal for solar, off-grid, remote-area lighting applications
• Up to 85% more energy efficient than line voltage AC solutions
• No energy loss from DC-AC inverter

LED Floodlight Specifications

• Light Source: 18W LED
• Input Power: AC = 22W, 100-277 VAC; DC = 24W, 10-30 VDC
• Life: 100,000 hours
• Lumens (Initial): 1624
• Lumens Per Watt: 73
• Color Temp.: 5100K
• Finish Color: Bronze
• Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum
• Lamp Dimen.: 7″H x 8.625″W x 5.125″D
• Lamp Weight: 4.8 lb.
• CA Title 24: Compliant
• Warranty: 5 Years

LED Floodlight Photometrics Tool

Generate floodlight photometrics with this online tool.

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