Heliport Perimeter Light Model 1000 LED

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Outlines the Landing Area

Our Perimeter Light, Model 1000 LED, has a low profile and is designed to provide a lighted outline of the heliport landing area. It only consumes 2.2 Watts (LED lamp) compared to 40 Watts (standard lamp). This provides big savings in power consumption along with a reduction in heat generation. This long-lasting lamp (rated life of approximately 50,000 hours) will also help reduce the frequency of lamp changes. The aqua green color of the lamp does not affect pilots with night vision goggles.

Surface Mounted

It has two extension tabs to permit bolting to a concrete slab for easy surface mount installation.

Optically Designed Heat Resistant Glass Lens

Our Perimeter light, Model 1000 LED, is of rugged design and a low overall height. Its omni-directional heat resistant lens is designed to provide a steeper beam pattern than those commonly used on fixed wing airports to accommodate the steeper landing requirements of helicopters. A stainless steel wire guard protects the lens from damage. The light output is approximately 40 watts and the fixture is powered by 90-264VAC.

Cast Aluminum Construction

The Perimeter Light is heavily constructed and is weather tight. The housing cover is of cast aluminum and is precision machined for close fit and a flat neoprene gasket seals it to be weatherproof. The green glass lens covers the low voltage lamp and it is then protected by a stainless steel wire guard. The cover and all parts are installed with stainless steel screws.


Case: Heavy Cast Aluminum
Lens: Heat Resistant Glass
Lamp: 40 Watt LED
Lamp Warranty: 3 Years
Lens Guard: Stainless Steel
Power: 90-264VAC

Height: 6 Inches
Diameter: 6 Inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Finish: Polyester Powder Coating

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