Model 1601 Heliport Recessed Flushlight

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Our omnidirectional incandescent Heliport Recessed Flushlight is designed to be almost flush with the ground surface and is used in a variety of helipad lighting applications.
• Perimeter Lights: Outlines the heliport landing area
• Landing Direction Lights: Indicates the preferred approach
• Threshold Lights: Marks the front edge of the heliport


• Flush Mounted
– Recessed, almost flush with the surface
– Permits the obstruction-free movement of equipment and personnel
• Optically Designed Lens
– Omnidirectional beam assists the pilot in maintaining correct glide path
– Lens made of non-breakable plastic (Lexan)
• Heavy Construction
– Housed in a heavy, machined, cast aluminum enclosure
– Rugged cast aluminum guard fits precisely to protect the lens and optics without obstructing emissions
– Lens guard with 6 spokes available
• Easily Installed
– May be recessed in soil or solid aggregate or bolted to the edge of an elevated heliport
• Weatherproof
– Entire fixture is fully machined and double gasketed to make it weathertight


• Case: Cast Aluminum
• Lens: Lexan
• Light Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red or Clear
• Lamp: 60 Watt Incandescent
• Lens Guard: Cast Aluminum, 3 Spokes (standard), 6 Spokes (optional)
• Power: 120 VAC, or other
• Dimensions: Flange Square: 8″; Depth: 5.25″; Bottom Diameter: 6″
• Weight: 8 lb.
• Finish: Polyester Powder Coating, Orange

Model 1601 LED Retrofit Kit

LED Retrofit Kit

Our LED Retrofit Kit is made to replace the standard incandescent lamp. It only consumes 8 Watts (LED lamp) compared to 60 Watts (standard lamp). This provides big savings in power consumption along with a reduction in heat generation. This long-lasting lamp will also help reduce the frequency of lamp changes. The aqua green color of the lamp does not affect pilots with night vision goggles.


• 3 year LED lamp module limited warranty
• Easy installation using existing socket
• LED operating life: 100,000+ hours (10+ years)
• Solid-state, fast turn on, no power surge
• High shock / vibration resistant
• Major power savings
• Standard voltage 120 VAC, others available (240 VAC)
• Major reduction in heat generation

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