AV-426-ICAO Radio Controlled Solar Runway or Approach Airfield Light | Avlite


• Designed to meet ICAO Annex 14 Volume I, July 2013.
• Non precision: Runway Edge, Threshold, End, RTIL, Simple approach


• Runway Edge Light
• Runway End Light
• Runway Threshold Light
• Simple Approach Lighting


• High autonomy, low maintenance.
• Integrated and replaceable solar panels: Enables continuous operation.
• Optional NVG Mode: Illumination invisible to naked eye to support covert operations.
• Worldwide 2.4GHz Encrypted RF Radio Control: Secure control of all operational modes from anywhere on the airfield. Worldwide ISM use frequency.
• AvMesh® integrated Mesh Network: Each light is a receiver/transmitter to expand communication range.
• Radio Transceiver: Internal to light head, no external antenna.
• Modes of Operation: Programmable lighting groups, dusk-till-dawn operation, adjustable intensity, sequence flashing.
• Momentary button to cycle through operational modes.
• DC input for cable connection (auxiliary charging port system).
• External ON/OFF switch.

The AV-426 is a robust, completely self-contained LED light designed for a range of aviation applications including permanent approach, runway edge, threshold, helipad and tactical airfield lighting. Fitted with RF radio control, this fully functioning light can be controlled from the tower with no costly cabling or trenching required.

The AV-426 has non-precision IFR and VFR capability with both visible and near infrared lighting outputs. The airfield lights can be controlled anywhere in the airfield by handheld radio controller or in the air traffic control tower with virtually unlimited range using an encrypted repeating mesh network.

The AV-426 wireless RF light has an extended range through the use of the AvMesh® communication protocol. The proprietary AvMesh® protocol enables each light to transmit and receive commands, allowing the airfield to be expanded or altered at any time.

AvMesh® is self-realizing, meaning once deployed the airfield lights will undertake a period of network mapping, whereby the system automatically determines an efficient path to relay command messages through the airfield. Once the system has mapped an efficient relay of command messages, a secondary sub-network is mapped for added redundancy.

Light intensities can be set to Low, Medium or High and are able to be assigned to a 'light group'. Light groups can be controlled independently using the wireless handheld controller. Sequenced approach can also be easily set up via the serial port and controller.

Tested to MIL-STD's for environmental exposure, including shock and vibration, extreme temperature and humidity. The AV-426 is designed to offer years of maintenance-free service and operate in some of the world's harshest environments.

The AV-426 is also available without RF radio control.

AV-SB-10 solar booster

AV-SB-10 Solar Booster™

The AV-SB-10 Solar Booster™ can be connected to the AV-426 light to provide additional solar collection to charge the battery. The Avlite Solar Booster™ can be used in areas of reduced sunlight to help ensure optimum battery charge or where longer periods of high intensity mode is required.

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