Flight Light Inc.

For over twenty years, Flight Light has been supplying ground and rooftop helipads around the world. With hundreds of heliports successfully completed, our staff has the experience and skills to provide the best recommendations and technical support each project demands. We have a full line of the highest quality, most reliable lights and accessories in the industry.

Inset Perimeter LightsElevated Perimeter Lights
FloodlightsApproach Path Indicators
Wind ConesHeliport Beacons

Several of our inset and elevated perimeter lights are Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible, giving pilots using NVGs unmatched visibility of the helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF).

With unparalleled levels of creativity, flexibility, and customer service, Flight Light is ready to provide an innovative solution to your next heliport installation.



Flight Light equipment meets Buy American Requirements.



Flight Light is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business.

ISO 9001: 2008

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001: 2008.

Who we are

Flight Light was founded in 1993 to supply robust, rugged, and cost-effective airfield, helipad and obstruction lighting products to commercial, private and military customers worldwide. We are an FAA certified manufacturer and global supplier of airfield lighting solutions that meet or exceed FAA and ICAO specifications. Flight Light Inc. is a minority and veteran-owned small business and our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001: 2008.

Honeywell Airport Systems

Honeywell Airport Systems has announced that they have selected Flight Light Inc. as the sole licensee for sales and service of Honeywell: Elevated Airfield, Approach Systems (formerly Godfrey and BFGoodrich), Obstruction Lights, Heliport and Inpavement Airfield Lighting.

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Why settle for just two when you can have all three? We are dedicated to meeting your highest expectations.

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Sacramento Sustainable Business Program

Flight Light Inc. is recognized as a green manufacturing company by the Sacramento Sustainable Business Program. This program assists businesses in taking steps to prevent pollution and conserve resources.

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Check-By-Fax is a fast and secure way to make payments. When you fax a check to us as payment, we simply use the information printed on your check to create a "demand draft". A demand draft is a digital version of your check that is deposited the same way as a regular check. Demand drafts are normally deducted from your account within 24 hours.

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We accept the following payment methods: MasterCard • Visa • Discover • American Express Check • Check-By-Fax • Wire Transfer

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