Radio Controlled Solar Heliport Light AV-HL-RF-SOL | Avlite


• Designed to meet ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes, Volume II ‘Heliports’, Second Edition July 1995. Touchdown and lift-off area perimeter lights – paragraph
• Compliance with the applicable requirements of Federal Aviation Administration, Memorandum Engineering Brief 87: Heliport Perimeter Light for Visual Meteorological Conditions Dated January 13, 2012


• Low profile to suit industry requirements
• Over 50 hours of continuous operation at ICAO Annex 14 Touchdown and Lift Off Area Perimeter Lights
• High intensity, energy efficient LEDs
• Solar powered for autonomous operation
• Custom lens optic designed specifically for helipad operations
• Worldwide 2.4GHz encrypted RF radio control
• 3-step intensity adjustment, including temporary high mode and dusk-till-dawn operation in low intensity mode
• Frangible point
• External battery charging port
• Hinged lid allowing fast battery access
• User-replaceable battery
• Lightweight, UV stabilized enclosure
• Optional NVG Mode – Illumination invisible to naked eye to support covert operations

Avlite’s helipad light is a solar-powered, wireless controlled, completely self contained LED heliport light designed to meet the standards of ICAO Annex 14 Touchdown and Lift-off perimeter lights and FAA Engineering Brief 87 Heliport Perimeter Light for Visual Meteorological Conditions.

The solar powered helipad light gives over 50 hours of continuous operation at ICAO Annex 14 Touchdown and Lift-off perimeter light intensities.

The helipad light comes ready for operation straight from the box, simply bolt the light to the supplied frangible mount assembly and install.

The unit is made from tough, impact resistant polymers in aviation yellow. A premium grade solar module is integrated into the assembly and mounted to collect sunlight. The solar array charges the 16Ah battery during daylight hours.

The unit also comes with an external battery charging port to assist in keeping batteries charged when in storage. This allows fast charging for demanding usage profiles or for poor solar environments.

Avlite’s solar powered helipad light utilizes the same controller as Avlite’s AV-426-RF and AV-70-RF models which means a single controller can control multiple Avlite fixtures including heliport beacons, taxiway lights, obstruction lights, lighted windsock and other products.

The radio controller is designed to support a number of operational modes including 3-step intensity adjustment, and switching the system between visual and IR.

The solar powered helipad light and other Avlite fixtures may be supplied integrated with a Pilot Activated Lighting Control (PALC) for remote operation of an unmanned heliport.

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