AV-HL-FL Solar Helipad Floodlight | Avlite


• Surface-level (terrestrial) heliports
• Elevated heliports

Ordering Codes

Product No. Input Option Configuration
AV-HL-FL PV: Self-Contained Solar
DC: DC Input
UM: AC (universal mains input)
00: Base Build


• Optimized install with standard cable interface
• Dimming capability with standard alarm output
• Options to suit all applications – AC, DC, and solar
• Reduced lead times due to standardized build
• Easy to install
– Convenient design
– Optimized for reduced installation time
• Turn-key heliports
– Optimized for HLS Controller
– Industry and application standard monitoring interface
• Reliable
– 5 year warranty
• Add-ons
– Helipad Lighting Controller (AV-HL-CTRL-T1 or AV-HL-CTRL-T2)
– 5Kg non-slip rubber tile (AV-ACC-MA-13)
– Avlite Handheld Controller
– Smart Charger to suit 12V SLA Battery (AV-ACC-CH-XX-02)
– External charging cable

The AV-HL-FL Heliport Floodlight has been specifically designed for helipads to provide uniform surface lighting where the TLOF and FATO lights need to be supplemented with floodlighting.

The LED optic is specifically designed for helipad operations, and distributes the light evenly across the wide helipad surface. The angle of tilt of the LED luminaire can be easily adjusted to focus the light on the helipad to maximize illumination. The optic hood further prevents potential glare to pilots upon approach.

Housed in a weatherproof, powder-coated aluminum enclosure to withstand the harshest environments, the assembly has a low profile and is compatible with our standard frangible mountings.

The AV-HL-FL Heliport Floodlight is available in solar (PV) and wired versions (DC and universal mains UM).

The wired version comes standard with an easy to install interface panel.

The solar powered floodlight comes with an integrated solar and battery system, which provides autonomous operation in most locations.

As standard, the wired versions come with a discrete alarm output and dimming capabilities in order to integrate any control system, including our Avlite standardized control range.

Each solar floodlight comes with interfaces of RF (Radio Frequency) Control and is designed to form part of a larger helipad lighting system (HLS). Control is achieved via either a remote Avlite Control Enclosure or an Avlite Handheld Controller.

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