FLIGHT LIGHT LIEL/MIEL Portable Elevated Light

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Medium Intensity Portable Elevated Lights

To keep airfield traffic running smoothly during repairs, our portable, temporary lights mark the outlines of runways, taxiways and runway threshold and end.

The fixture consists of a clear or colored Fresnel lens (globe) mounted on a yellow powder coated cast aluminum lamp housing. The lamp is secured by an O-ring seal and clamp band. The upper assembly mounts on a 1″ EMT extension which is inserted into a junction box, with brackets for sandbag plate sold separately.

The 6.6A light includes a L830 isolation transformer (L823 primary connector sold separately). The fixture is shipped fully assembled and ready to plug into the series circuit. Optional sandbag plate sold separately (69-618HDPE). Most of the replacement parts are compatible with other manufacturers; consult Flight Light with specific inquires.

Ordering Codes*

TypeGlobe ColorLamp & PowerMountingInput Power**Sandbag
FL-L860/L861B: Blue
C: Clear
G: Green
R: Red
X: Blank
Y: Yellow
GR: Green/Red
CY: Clear/Yellow
40A: 40W, A21, 120V
45: 45W, T10, 6.6A
45Q: 45W, Halogen, 6.6A
60A2: 60W, A21, 230V
69A: 69W, A21, 120V
P: Portable6: 6.6A/6.6A
2: 20A/6.6A
T: Sandbag Plate Option
* Minimum order quantity may apply. Call for details.
** Input power option for current driven lights only.


• Retroreflective strip around base of junction box and lamp stem.
• 6.6A circuit.
• Unit height: 16″.
• Uses UL Rated junction box: 45W 6″x6″x6″, 120/200W 8″x8″x6″.
• Shipping Weight: 45W: 10 lb./4.5 kilo., 120/200W: 16 lb./7.3 kilo.

Common Replacement Parts

Part NumberDescription
61-861BL861-Glass Blue
61-861CL861-Glass Clear
61-861GL861-Glass Green
61-861YL861-Glass Yellow
61-80001L861-Clamp Band (stainless steel)
61-80002L861-O-Ring Gasket
FL-FC1.5L861-1.5″ Frangible Coupling (metal)
61-80004Socket for T10 Lamp (prefocus)
LA-2329545W 6.6A T10/P Incandescent Lamp
LA-11482Quartz 45W 6.6A EXM
75-10212Socket for Quartz Lamp
TRC-10518-01-031Cord Set, 31″ uncut
69-618HDPESandbag Plate

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