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Emergency Helipad Lighting Kit | AV-HL-EMS-9 | Avlite


The Avlite Emergency Helipad Lighting Kit was designed specifically for emergency and military operations. These life saving kits are the first and last choice in mobile emergency lighting of helipads, runways and road flares.

The built-in smart charger technology keeps each unit charged and ready to use. The kit can sit unused, on the shelf or in an emergency vehicle for up to one year. As long as the case has power, the lights will be charged and ready for use.


• 24 hours of use on a single charge
• Smart chargers constantly maintain batteries
• Carrying case with drop-in charging
• Steady on or flashing programmable
• Flash output programmable

Standard Package

• 8 green perimeter lights with built-in flood and IR
• 1 blue beacon with IR emitter (800-900nm)
• Ultra durable case with extendable handle and built-in wheels
• 9 drop-in charging ports located in the case
• 100-240VAC charger

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