Flight Light Introduces New Helideck Products at Heli-Expo 2018

May 10, 2018 Daniel Owens
Flight Light Introduces New Helideck Products at Heli-Expo 2018

Explosion Proof Fixtures Announced

Flight Light is excited to showcase our newest range of helideck fixtures and explosion proof products at the Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo 2018  February 6-March 1st in Las Vegas!


President Isabel Martin is attending this year. She’ll be on site to answer your questions about our wide range of heliport, helipad, helideck products.


When asked about the Expo, “The Heli-Expo is a great experience every year. I’m excited to introduce our latest fixture series. Our new offerings feature  industry leading designs that deliver outstanding performance and unmatched durability.”

What’s Landing At The Booth This Year?

Our completely new line of explosion proof helideck lighting products includes:

  1. Explosion Proof Perimeter Lights
  2. Lighting Control for Helideck Fixtures
  3. Explosion Proof Floodlights
  4. Wind Direction Indicators (Windsocks)
  5. Explosion Proof Obstruction Lights

Key Features of the Q-EX Helideck Fixtures

The Q-EX Explosion Proof Helideck Series is ideal for helideck landing zones at offshore facilities. They exhibit key design features made specifically for that environment, including:


Q-EX Helideck Perimeter Lights

  • Aluminum Enclosures
  • Rigid Mounting
  • 10 Watt Peak Consumption
  • Compliant To ICAO Annex 14 And CAP437


Helideck Lighting Control

  • High Quality Branded Components
  • Can Operate 6 Groups Of 16A Each
  • Seawater Resistant Aluminium Enclosure
  • 5 Switches That Can Be Manually Switched On/Off
  • Optional Remote Control


Q-EX Helideck Floodlights

  • Easy To Install And Maintain
  • 35 Watt Peak Consumption
  • Rigid Mounted



Wind Direction Indicator(Windsock)

  • Indicates True Wind Direction With Wind 3 Knots And Above
  • 30 Watt Peak Consumption
  • Solid Nylon Housed Bearings


Q-EX Helideck Obstruction Lights

  • Multiple Intensity Options & Colors
  • Steady-Burning ICAO and CAA Compliant Model
  • LED Aluminium Powder Coated Enclosure



Join us in booth #C4932 at Heli-Expo and visit our website to learn more about our heliport lighting products.
Have any questions?  We’re here to help.  So, reach out  via Live Chat or Contact Us today if you have any questions.