HL-492 6″ Helideck Semi-Flush Perimeter Inset Light

  • IFAO.E346137 (U.S.), IFAO7.E346137 (Canada)

  • Ordering Codes

  • Base Can

    A 6" deep base can is required for pavement installations. Part #: BA-525-6

  • General Arrangement

  • Photometric Comparison with ICAO Requirements

  • 6" Base (P/N BA-525-6)


• FAA AC 150/5390-2B Heliport Design Guide
• Exceeds FAA Engineering Brief 87 Specifications
• ICAO Annex 14, Volume II
• UL 1598 Standard: IFAO.E346137 (U.S.), IFAO7.E346137 (Canada) (only “LP” lamp is UL listed)
• US Army Aviation Lighting Manual TM 5-811-5, Figure 5-3
• Transport Canada TP14371, AGA 7.16
• UK CAA CAP 437, Chapter 4, paragraph 3.1 (optional, please specify at time of order)


Semi-flush perimeter light helps mark helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) and/or final approach and takeoff area (FATO) for metal helidecks and pavement heliports.

Why Our HL-492 is Better

• Recessed, semi-flush mounted, allows for obstruction-free movement of equipment and personnel.
• Small 6" fixture easily drops into metal helideck, fastens with 4 bolts.
• Corrosion resistant anodized finish suitable for marine environments and available in many different colors.
• Fixture sealed to bottom cover to prevent moisture intrusion.
• Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy construction.
• Prism removal and replacement achieved without need for adhesives or sealants.
• Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance.
• Cost-saving, energy-efficient LEDs.
• Power adapter included.
• Low maintenance - LED light source has 50,000 hour lifetime (50X longer than halogen).
• Monochromatic output of LEDs is more conspicuous than halogen.
• Pilots prefer LED over halogen because of increased visibility.
• Available in 12-24 VDC or 120 VAC versions.
• Direct retrofit, drop in replacement. Factory retrofits available for your existing halogen fixtures.
• With our Dimming Controller option, the lights can be dimmed at night to reduce glare - select from three brightness levels.
• Available for non-heliport applications such as architectural lighting.


• Anodization: Aluminum Fixtures, machined stock 6061T6. Anodize Mil 8625 Type III, 1 mil thick.
• Low profile: .86" (base can mounted), 1.11" (helideck mounted).
• Bolt circle: 5.25"
• Power Consumption: AC input = 7.2VA; DC input = 4W.
• Light channel within .2" (5mm) of grade.
• Color beam variations achieved by dichroic coating.
• Exceeds L-861 photometric requirements when used as a medium intensity white runway edge light.
• Lamp bypass options available if required.
• Weight: 3.1 lb. (1.4 kg). Carton size: .3 cu. ft. (.008 cu. meters); 8" (d) x 8" (w) x 8" (h) (203mm (w) x 203mm (d) x 203mm (h))


Visible/Infrared LED Option

• Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible.
• Optical Specifications - Infrared Output:
- Exceeds SAE Aerospace recommendations for Landing/Taxi Lights.
- Usable beam width: 55° to 125° vertical, 360° horizontal.
- Output wavelength: 850nm.
• Optical Specifications - Visible Output:
- Exceeds ICAO requirements for green LEDs (see photometric chart).
- Usable beam width: 30° vertical, 360° horizontal.
- Output wavelength: 530nm.
• Electrical Specifications:
- Input voltage range: 100 to 240 VAC.
- Input frequency: 50 or 60Hz.
- Input current: 40mA AC.
- Input power to the fixture: 10.8 VA.
- Fixture is internally grounded for installer safety.


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