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Can be supplied to meet either:
• International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14 emergency lighting photometrics.
• FAA VFR & IFR Non Precision Medium Intensity Runway & Taxiway Lighting (MIRLs) photometrics.

Typical Applications

• Emergency airfield lighting
• Stand-by system in event of power failure
• Military
• Humanitarian aid / medevac


• All-in-one portable solar airfield lighting system.
• Heavy-duty trailer design for transportation and storage.
• In-trailer charging system for all lights when in storage.
• Complete wireless control of airfield lighting once deployed.
• Other trailer configurations available on request.
• Customizable lighting configurations available to suit various applications.
• Optional Infrared (IR) Mode, illumination invisible to the naked eye to support enhanced vision and NVG operations.

Avlite Systems' Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System (Solar PALS) is a convenient, fully transportable, autonomous lighting system for easy, rapid deployment supporting temporary or long term operations for both civil and defense airfields.

Once deployed, the lighting system can be controlled via a 2.4GHz encrypted mesh network capable of being operated from the tower, ground, or approaching aircraft by a Pilot Activated Lighting Controller (PALC).

Solar-powered RF controlled airfield lights

The Solar PALS trailer contains all airfield lighting and ancillary equipment required to support temporary or sustained operations. The standard configuration is suitable for a 5000ft/1500m runway and includes:
• 52 x RF Controlled Runway Edge Lights (AV426-RF)
• 12 x RF Controlled Threshold Lights (AV426-RF)
• 4 x RF Controlled Runway End Identifier Lights (AV426-RF)
• 24 x RF Controlled Taxiway Edge Lights (AV-70-RF)
• Pilot activated lighting controller (PALC)
• Handheld controller(s)
• Mounting accessories

A range of options are available such as helipad and obstruction lighting, windsock assemblies or additional fixtures for extended runways.

Military-grade trailer for transportability with integrated charging system

The military-grade trailer provides safe transportation and storage of the complete airfield lighting system.

An integrated charging system allows for all lights to be simultaneously charged by connecting the trailer to an external power source. This provides recovery charging of all lights if required after extended use, or standby charging to ensure fixtures are fully charged at all times.

The complete Solar PALS is an ideal solution to suit tactical, emergency or permanent client needs.


AV Solar PALS Solar Portable Airfield Lighting System Avlite
Trailer Design
The Solar PALS storage and deployment trailer is specifically designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The trailer performs over a wide variety of terrains, making it incredibly reliable and durable for both civilian and military applications.

Other trailer configurations available on request.

Integrated Charging
Integrated Charging
An integrated charging system ensures every light is fully charged in storage for immediate use. Once deployed, lights are charged by their individual solar modules to allow for autonomous operation.

Trailer Hitches
Trailer Hitches
Avlite's trailers offer a range of customizable options including trailer hitches such as; Standard Ball mount (Civilian) and Pintle Ring also referred to as Military Hitch (Military).

Tactical Run-Flat Tires
Tactical Run-Flat Tires
Run-flat tires are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and enable the vehicle to continue to be driven in all terrain and combat situations, ensuring mobility and safety to vehicles, civilians or soldiers.


RF Controlled Runway Edge Light AV-425-RF
RF Controlled Runway Edge Light AV-426-RF

Easily deployable solar runway lights for VFR and non-precision IFR lighting with optional IR.

Typical Applications:
• Solar runway and threshold lighting.
• Approach/REIL (strobe & fixed).

RF Controlled Solar Taxiway Light AV-72-RF
RF Controlled Solar Taxiway Light AV-72-RF

Radio controlled solar taxiway lights meet ICAO standards and are lightweight, and available with optional IR.


Radio Control & Monitoring
Radio Control & Monitoring
The handheld controller allows lights to be controlled remotely to easily change characteristics.
• Shut down or turn all lights ON remotely.
• 3-step intensity adjustment.
• Switch from visual to IR for tactical operations.
• 2.4GHz worldwide accepted frequency.

Optional Tablet Control
Optional Tablet Control
The AvMesh® USB device provides wireless control of airfield lights using a Tablet PC.
• Intuitive and easy to use platform.
• Quickly set advanced features from a single screen.
• Access advanced command pages & diagnostics.
• Supports multiple languages.


Frangible Stake Mount
Frangible Stake Mount
Easily mount and deploy lights using the stake mount.
• Heavy duty aluminum components.
• High-visibility aviation yellow.
• 316-grade stainless steel hardware.
• Complies with FAA AC 150/5345-46B.

Tile Mount
Tile Mount
Non-slip rubber tile designed for expeditionary, tactical or semi-permanent use.
• Fast & easy installation of lights.
• Pegs directly to the ground.
• Prevents movement of the fixture.

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