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• FAA AC150/5370-2F for construction and barricade installations
• ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, 'Aerodrome Design and Operations', Fourth edition July 2004, paragraph

Typical Applications

• Solar Barricade Light
• Solar Caution Light
• Solar Hazard Light
• Solar Taxiway Light (ICAO)
• Solar Obstruction Light


• Up to 5.7km visible range (flashing), up to 3.7km visible range (steady-on) - color dependant
• Integrated solar/battery system
• IP68 waterproof rating
• User-replaceable battery
• Ultra-high intensity LEDs (no changing globes ever)

The AV-60 solar LED light provides up to 5.7km visible range (flashing). The positive divergence, wide angle lens makes it suitable for a variety of applications including taxiway, general hazard, barricade and low-intensity obstruction lighting.

Designed to be maintenance-free and have a service life of up to 12 years, the popular AV-60 model boasts user-adjustable intensity settings and can be set onsite to either steady-on or flashing operation. The light is simply switched 'ON', and the unit is ready for immediate operation. Once installed, the AV-60 requires no operator intervention.

The internal solar module charges the battery during daylight hours, and at dusk the light will automatically begin operation once the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently. The battery is housed in a sealed compartment allowing it to be changed after years of service.

Coupled with the latest LED technology, and a highly efficient DC/DC converter, the light may provide over 40 days of continuous operation without sunlight. The AV-60 comes with a large 200mm bolt pattern.

Several thousand AV-60 units are installed throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East to mark telecommunications towers and other aerial obstructions.

Optional ON/OFF Switch

The AV-60 is also available with an optional external ON/OFF switch; this means, when in position, the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch.


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