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For over twenty years, Flight Light has been supplying ground and rooftop helipads around the world. With hundreds of heliports successfully completed, our staff has the experience and skills to provide the best recommendations and technical support each project demands. We have a full line of the highest quality, most reliable lights and accessories in the industry.

Several of our inset and elevated perimeter lights are Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible, giving pilots using NVGs unmatched visibility of the helipad touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF).

With unparalleled levels of creativity, flexibility, and customer service, Flight Light is ready to provide an innovative solution to your next heliport installation. Nobody comes through like we do ………



Surface Mount Helideck Lights

Our new surface mount perimeter lights are a low-profile solution for marking the FATO area of metal helidecks.

UL Listed Heliport Lights

Our HL-Series of heliport perimeter inset LED lights is now UL Listed for both the United States and Canada.

Heliport Installation Map

We have a Heliport Installation Map that shows where some of our products are installed worldwide.